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This year the workshop has a special theme on Testing Software as a Service. It covers both automatic testing of cloud software systems (i.e. the software that are delivered as a service), and also automated testing itself delivered as a service.

Research work on this topic will be particular welcome, but papers on other topics are also welcome. 

Three sessions on this special theme will be organised as follows. 

  • A keynote session with an invited keynote speech by an active researcher in the area, followed by discussions. 
  • A regular paper session with presentations of accepted papers on the special theme to report the current state of art in research. We are seeking for regular paper for presentation in the regular session.

  • Two Charette sessions aiming at an in-depth discussion on a this special topic will be organised  in order to identify the difficulties and specific issues of the problem, to evaluate potential solutions, and to share experiences. It will start with a description and discussion of the problems and invite the participants to discuss how the problems are to be addressed in various different approaches. The participants will be organised into a number of groups. Each group works on a sub-problem of the topic. The results will be reported to the whole workshop.  


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