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AST 2014


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9th International Workshop on

Automation of Software Test (AST’14)

(Special Theme: Testing Mobile Applications)  

May. 31 ~ Jun. 1, 2014

In Conjunction with the 

36th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE’14)

Hyderabad, India,  May. 31 ~ Jun. 1, 2014

In software development practice, testing accounts for as much as 50% of the total development effort. It is therefore imperative to reduce the cost and improve the effectiveness of software testing by automating the testing process. In the past decades, a great amount of research effort has been spent on automatic test case generation, automatic test oracles, etc. Test automation is also becoming an important part of software testing practice.

The workshop is the 8th edition of the successful AST workshops held at ICSE 2006-2013. It will provide researchers and practitioners with a forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, understanding of the problems, visions for the future, and promising solutions to the problems. The workshop will also provide a platform for researchers and developers of testing tools to work together to identify the problems in the theory and practice of software test automation and to set an agenda and lay the foundation for future development.

Past Editions of AST Workshops:

AST 2014 marks the nineth consecutive year of the AST workshops at ICSE. With as many as 65 delegates in attendance during past years, the workshop stands out as valuable forum for the presentation of research and practice in the field of automated software testing. Previous AST workshops are listed  below.


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