Department of Computing & Communication Technologies
Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK
Cloud and Network Softwarization

Cloud and softwarization research has recently attracted significant attention from various sectors including academia, industry and public sector organizations. Cloud provides a large scale compute and data storage infrastructure which is used on on-demand basis in a distributed and flexible manner. Cloud computing has brought a new revolution in the IT industry enabling companies and individuals to consume compute resources as utility services in contrast to traditional approach of building and maintaining proprietary infrastructure. Alongside cloud, networking is also undergoing a major revolution with the decoupling of the hardware dependent data plane from the soft control plane. This new approach introduces opportunities for innovation and development of new types of sophisticated control platforms, northbound APIs for efficient network management and southbound signalling. This softwarization of network components has also accelerated research in virtualization of network functions. This move towards softwarization will enable transparency and abstraction in the network design and management on one hand, and enhance quality of service provisioning on the other hand.

We see Cloud and Network Softwarization as two of the most significant disruptive technologies that can combine to provide distributed virtual pool of compute, storage and networking infrastructure for supporting the customised requirements of any type and scale of applications in a cost effective way. Our research interests are in addressing the state of the art challenges related to the theoretical, applied and experimental research in these areas.

Research Areas

  • Cloud Computing models and architecture
  • Softwarization
  • Cloud-based Softwarization
  • Web-of-Things and Softwarization
  • Cloud and Web-of-Things
  • Cloud, Softwarization and Big Data
  • Software-Defined-Networks (SDN)
  • Network Function Virtualisation (NFV)
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