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The Second International Workshop on 




Unifying Design Patterns with Security, Attack and Forensic Patterns

8-9 July 2013,  Abingdon, Oxfordshire , UK

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Authors are invited to submit papers that contribute to the aims of the workshop. Submissions may reflect, in the context of cybersecurity, on questions such as:

  • What are the benefits and achievements of patterns in particular domains?

  • What are the barriers to pattern uptake and how might these be overcome?

  • How might the insights gained through using patterns in one domain generalise to others?

  • What are the similarities and differences between prescriptive design patterns and descriptive patterns such as attack patterns?

  • What is the relationship between design patterns and pattern matching?

  • How do patterns help to underpin a ‘science of security’?

  • How do patterns contribute to knowledge reuse and engineering practice?

  • What are the key issues facing practitioners that can be aided by patterns?

  • Where are good cases studies showing the benefits and potential of the pattern abstraction?


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