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The First International Workshop on 




Unifying Design Patterns with Security, Attack and Forensic Patterns

9-10 July 2012,  Abingdon, Oxfordshire , UK

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There is a growing international community interested in software design patterns as representations of solutions to recurring design problems. There is significant work and interest in the security field on classifying vulnerabilities and weaknesses. This includes a substantial existing catalogue of attack patterns and a growing body of knowledge of security patterns. The emergence in digital forensics of forensic patterns could also be significant.

The aim of this workshop is to explore commonalities between the notion of patterns in these fields and to express them in a unified framework. Such a framework for the pattern abstraction would provide ways to:

  • describe and reason about patterns across domains
  • leverage insights gained from different domains
  • manage complexity
  • lay a precise foundation for the development of tools.

The workshop will include space for structured discussion of the opportunities and difficulties such a framework poses and for formulating an initial research road-map.

  • (Slides of the keynote speeches) The slides of the keynote speeches by Kevin Lano and Sean Barnum are now available for download from this website. Please see the Keynote section. (21 August, 2012)
  • (Summary of Closing Plenary Discussion) A summary of the plenary discussion on the roadmap is now available. Please click here. (25 July 2012)
  • (Workshop Proceedings) The workshop proceedings are now posted on this website. Click here to download the proceedings. (7 July 2012)
  • (Revised version of workshop program) The workshop program is revised. Please see Program section for detail. (30 June, 2012)
  • (Upload camera-ready version of position papers) The EasyChair Website for authors to upload their final versions of position papers is now open. Please go to the Submission section of the website for details. (8 June 2012)
  • (Provisional Program) A provisional program of the workshop is now available. Please see the Program section for details. (8 June 2012)
  • (Keynote speakers) Sean Barnum of MITRE, USA, has confirmed his availability to give a keynote speech at the  CyberPatterns 2012. (8 June 2012)
  • (Accepted papers) A list of accepted papers for presentation at the workshop is now available (click here) (31 May 2012)
  • (Change of Dates) Due to a large number of requests, the submission deadline is extended to 14 May, 2012. The author notification date is also postponed to 21 May 2012 accordingly. (4 May 2012)
  • (Keynote speakers) Dr. Kevin Lano of King's College London, UK, has kindly agreed to give a keynote speech at the CyberPatterns 2012. (4 May 2012)
  • (Keynote speakers)  Sean Barnum of MITRE, USA, has provisionally agreed to give a keynote speech at the  CyberPatterns 2012. (4 May 2012)
  • (Registration) The Registration for CyberPatterns 2012 workshop is now open. Please see the Registration section for details. (14 may 2012)


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