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Welcome to SOSE 2017

The 11th IEEE International Symposium on

Service-Oriented System Engineering 

(SOSE 2017)

April 7-10, 2017,  San Francisco, CA, USA

Sponsored by: IEEE Computer Society

Starting from 2005, the International Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE) is one of the pioneering symposia devoted to the research and development in engineering service-oriented systems, from the architecture and computing paradigm to the system development and management. Service-Oriented Computing (SOC) exploits services as the fundamental elements in developing and operating computer-based systems. It has been successfully applied to various application domains and promotes fundamental changes to system architecture, especially changing the way software systems to be analyzed, architected, designed, implemented, verified, evaluated, delivered, consumed, maintained, and evolved.

The innovations of SOC also offer many interesting avenues of research for scientific and industrial communities. Recent advances in service oriented computing and cloud computing, including computational power, storage, and networking, and infrastructure innovations, are providing exciting opportunities to make significant progress in understanding and addressing complex real-world challenges. Such challenges typically require a system-level approach that models a complex system at different levels of abstraction, helps to develop sound architectures for addressing separate system requirements and concerns, and integrates diverse sources of knowledge on the system's components and their interactions.

The 11th International Symposium on Service-Oriented System Engineering (SOSE 2017) provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to present and exchange latest observations, insights, achievements, and visions in the Service-Oriented System Engineering. Particularly, SOSE 2017 invites original submissions in all the aspects of the system engineering and software engineering methods, techniques, tools, applications, and experiments for software services.

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Nov. 1st,  2016: Due to numerous requests, the paper submission deadline is extended to 15 Nov. 2016.

Jan. 3rd, 2017: Workshop on Cutting Edge IoT is announced. Please see the Workshop section for the workshop's provisional agenda.

Feb. 3rd, 2017: Abstracts and Bios of the speakers of the Workshop on Cutting Edge IoT are now available. Please see the workshop section.

Feb 3rd, 2017: Information for authors (including conference venue hotel room reservation, preparation and submitting camera-ready version of accepted papers) is now available in the submission section.

Feb 3rd, 2017: Travel information is now available in the Travel Info section, which include conference venue, travel directions, registration link, and hotel information.

Feb. 15, 2017: Provisional technical programme is available. Note: the dates of times are yet to be determined. Please see the Program section.

Feb. 24, 2017: Dr. Hamid R. Motahari Nezhad will give a keynote speech at SOSE 2017. Dr. Nezhad is a Research Group Lead, and Member of IBM Academy of Technology, of IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA United States. 

Feb. 24, 2017: Prof. Kwei-Jay Lin of the University of California, Irvine, USA, will give a keynote speech at SOSE 2017.

Mar. 3, 2017: Prof. Kwei-Jay Lin's keynote speech will be on "Building Smart Homes and Buildings using Service-Oriented Things". Please see the Keynotes section for the abstract and a short bio of Prof. Lin.

Mar. 20, 2017: Joint Conference Program for all co-located conferences and workshops are now available. Please see the Program section for details. Please note that thee are adjustment of presentation times to the provisional program.

Mar. 20, 2017: The 2017 International Smart City and Big Data Submit will take place on 10th April, 2017 as a part of the joint event. It is open to all SOSE 2017 participants. Please arrange your travel to enable attending this submit event. Program of the submit is available at the following URL: http://smart-city-conference.com/BDS2017/index.html

Mar. 31, 2017: Dr. Hamid R. Motahari Nezhad's keynote speech will be on "From Services to Cogs, and the Journey to Cognitive BPM". Please see the Keynote section for an abstract and information about the speaker.