Dr. Muhammad Younas

Reader in Computer Science
School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics
Oxford Brookes University
Oxford, UK

Dr. Younas is a member of the Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity research group and the Cloud and Network Softwarization (CloudNets) research initiative. He is the network co-lead of the Migration and Refugees Research Network.

He has collaborated with national and international academic institutes and industries on various research projects. He has contributed to professional activities in a number of areas, including: organization of international conferences and workshops, editorial boards of international journals, keynote talks, membership of professional societies and funding bodies.

Research Areas:

  • Cloud and IoT
  • Cloud Services
  • Cloud Databases
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Network Softwarization
  • Cloud & IoT Modelling
  • Big Data
  • Big Data Models
  • NoSQL Systems
  • Big Data Applications
  • Big Data & IoT
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Web Technologies
  • Web Services & SOA
  • Web-Databases
  • Quality of Service
  • Information Extraction
  • E/M-Commerce

Research Projects

Cloud Services

Cloud Services Selection

This project designs and develops new models that take account of the characteristics of cloud services, their representation as well as consumer’s knowledge.


Big Data and Applications

This project focuses on development of framework and protocols which provide NoSQL big data systems with transaction support, data consistency and availability.


TestBUS: Testing Beyond Unit & SQL

One of the strands of this project is to develop microservice-based architectures for big data systems and to test NoSQL databases in different scenarios.


Cloud and IoT

This project develops a multi-layer architecture in which software layer represents things (devices) using web and cloud technologies and network layer uses SDN and NFV technologies for creating virtual network services.



This project designs new models for improving the performance of E/M-commerce (Web) servers. It also develops framework and protocols for M-commerce applications such as mobile payment and mobile transactions.


Web Services and SOA

This project designs and develops new models and architectures for orchestration and composition of web services and their application in various domains such as cloud services, E-commerce and mobile applications


Follow: [DBLP] and [ResearchGate]



Professional Activities

Chairing International Conferences

Programme Committees:

Dr. Younas has served on the programme committees of a number of international conferences and symposia/workshops. Some of these include:

Journals: Editorial Board (Present/Past)

Journals: Review Services

Journals: Guest Editorship

Funding Councils: Membership

PhD Supervision

Dr. Younas supervises PhD students in different areas of research. If you are interested in coming to Oxford and doing PhD, MPhil or MSc, please send him an email.

PhD thesis supervised in the areas:

PhD thesis examined in the areas::

Teaching: Courses/Subjects

Dr. Younas was the Subject Coordinator for the MSc in Data Analytics and MSc in Data Analytics for Government. These courses cover theory and practice of computing, mathematical and statistical models, techniques and technologies related to (big) data analytics.

He teaches on the following subjects (modules):



Oxford Brookes University

Oxford, UK